I played hockey for eighteen years, beginning at the age of four. I reached college level hockey, participating on Becker College’s men’s NCAA Div III team in 2012-2013 and Robert Morris’s (IL) men’s ACHA Div I team in 2013-2014. Over the course of my career I have competed for the National Championship three times. The first in 2007-2008 with the California Wave U16 AAA, we also won the Pacific District Championship on route to the National Tournament. The second time came in 2011-2012 with the Hampton Roads Whalers (VA) Jr. A tier III team. And the final attempt occurred in 2013- 2014 with Robert Morris (IL) in which we finished as finalists in the national championship game. That same season our team won the CSCHL regular season title and CSCHL playoff championship. I traveled across the nation and won tons of games, but the one thing I lacked was a proper strength and conditioning program and coach. Due to this, my career came to an abrupt stop because of injury. My goal when I work with athletes is to prevent injury, and accelerate their physical development through proper programming and training techniques, so they can reach the highest level of athletics. My ambition when I complete my schooling is to become a strength and conditioning coach and craft elite level athletes. My ideal athlete’s to train are hockey, soccer, and football players.

When I do not train athletes, my ideal clients are parents. I enjoy training parents because their participation in their children’s lives is of the utmost importance. Parents go from carrying and picking up their children when they are babies, to chasing them around when they’re toddlers, and playing sports with them when they’re adolescents. This places great demands on their body over the years, and we work as a team to keep them in peak shape. In fact, my training for parents and athletes are quite similar. Most importantly, as we age so do our bodies, and with my training I help parents gain more energy, stamina, pain free movement, and healthy joints. My goal isn’t just to get them active in their child’s lives, but their grandchildren’s lives as well.

One of my hobbies is body building, and I also welcome clients looking to develop beautiful aesthetic bodies. If you’re a lovely lady aiming to flaunt that tight little black dress and break some necks as you strut by, or a manly man seeking a confidence boost to catch the blonde or brunette on the other side of the room checking you out, then my body building programs are for you.

If while reading this, you feel you meet any of the above descriptions, please contact me ASAP. Even if you have completely different goals then what I have listed, don’t hesitate to contact. Since you’ve read this far, you recognized you need help making a change somewhere in your life. Contact me today, to elevate your life to new heights.


- B.S. Kinesiology, in progress at California State University, Fullerton
- A.S. Exercise and Sports Studies from Robert Morris University Chicago, Illinois
- First Aid/ CPR/ AED